galaxies away

100 galaxies away, there is a dimension called Orim. The Orims and their followers, the Kubetians, lived a peaceful and joyful life, as they thrive on happiness. From all their laughs and positive feelings, the happiness resulted was gathered in a KUBE.
One day, a dark cloud came above the village and never left
However, the Kubetians weren’t scared and were still playing peacefully
Until more dark clouds started to gather above the entire village and foretold something bad
The Volkariens came on Orim and a big battle happened then
Mac: Pepe, hurry, set a cheese trap!
Chico (to Volkari): We won’t let you bring the hunger here! Or anywhere else!
This time, the Volkariens won and the Kubetians were forced to leave the planet
The Kubetians are arriving on Earth
Lilly Grilly: This is a good place for us. Here are a lot of kids who can help us fight the Volkari.
RoRo: Indeed! They want to bring hunger and sorrow everywhere in this Universe and we need the help of kids.
Chico: Also, we need their abundant happiness, now that we hid the KUBE from Volkari.
The Galactic Portal is opening and the Volkari are coming to Earth. Taken by surprise, the Kubetians are running.
Domatello: They are here! And the hunger brought by them is so strong that will destroy Earth!
Mac: We need Golem to defeat them!
Golem: The time has come when light and good shall win!
Festo: You know it is far from over, right?
Hunger: Until then, we will slowly destroy you with the powerful hunger we brought!
Maximus: We will follow you everywhere and, eventually, will find the KUBE. After all your happiness will be destroyed, the sorrow shall reign above everything.
To be continued...